Carmen Jack Giordano has been litigating civil rights cases, false arrest, malicious prosecution, police abuse, excessive force, police shooting, death by police and other types of police abuse here in the NYC for over 25 years. Giordano Law Offices is proud to be on the referral list for civil rights attorneys for the NYC Public Defender’s Office. One such important civil rights movement was Gay rights movement and you could get a better understanding of the chronology from the below infographic.

Gay Marriage Chronology

From Visually.

Mr. Giordano is regarded as one of the top rated attorneys in the area of civil rights in the NYC, handling the most serious cases, including police shooting cases. At Giordano Law Offices we have an extraordinary understanding of the methodologies of law enforcement, which serves our civil rights clients well.

Mr. Giordano’s extensive experience as a former homicide and racketeering prosecutor and as a former Senior Trial Attorney for the City of New York having worked with police and law enforcement for many years provide the foundation of knowledge and experience providing a particular insight.

As a highly regarded Civil Rights Lawyer for the past 25 years, Mr. Giordano has what it takes to seek a full measure of justice in both the federal and state courts.

If you have suffered a violation of your rights or know someone whose rights have been violated, contact us at 212-406-9466 for a free case evaluation. For over 25 years our attorneys have been protecting the rights of injured NYC and New York City residents.

NYC Supreme Court or Federal Court Venue Considerations

In civil rights cases for false arrest, malicious prosecution, police abuse, excessive force, police shooting, death by police and other types of police abuse, both the Federal and NYC Supreme Court have concurrent jurisdiction  over claims brought under 42 USC 1983, our Nation’s civil rights statute.  Our attorneys are expert at selecting the correct strategy to move your case efficiently through the system.

At the New York City based offices of Giordano Law Offices, we handle all Civil Rights cases, including:

  • Abuse and unjust treatment by the NYPD
  • Discriminatory acts against you by your employer or others
  • Police abuse
  • Discrimination or unjust treatment on the basis of your race, sex, culture, creed, or sexual orientation
  • Unlawful termination
  • Other discriminatory acts against you in violation of the law.

Police Abuse &

Sexual Orientation







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