If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of an accident, it is important to obtain legal counsel from a Bronx personal injury attorney.

The simple act of picking up the phone and contacting an experienced Bronx Personal Injury Attorney opens you and your loved one to many more opportunities. The knowledge and expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney is irreplaceable and can be verified by their legal profiles on sites like Super Lawyers and Avvo.

Unfortunately, oftentimes the perpetrators of an accident try to deny their responsibility or involvement in the incident.

With the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer, you can obtain legal compensation for your injury, emotional distress (in some instances), and medical care.


Bronx personal injury attorney

A Bronx personal injury attorney will be responsible for thoroughly investigating the accident in addition to constructing and filing appropriate legal documentation.

The Attorney will also offer invaluable legal advice to the clients who have suffered personal injuries based on their years of legal experience litigating cases like yours.

If you were hit by a negligent driver while walking, driving, or on a bicycle, you can contact a Bronx Car Accident Attorney to receive just compensation for your injuries.

Selecting a lawyer with a proven track record of experience, trustworthiness, and respect is critical.

Additionally, all attorneys are bound by strict confidentiality agreements; the attorney client privilege bars your attorney from disclosing information that you told him/her in confidence.

How To Choose Bronx personal Lawyers

The shear amount of available personal injury attorneys can make the process of selecting the right attorney seem overwhelming.

However, there are many online websites and tools to help you narrow your search.



Avvo is an online resource that is similar to Yelp – but for the legal profession, Thomson Reuters has created the Super Lawyer award to recognize outstanding lawyers within your area.

You can easily use resources like Avvo and Super Lawyers to check out how your attorney ranks up. Once you check out your potential attorney’s reviews online, setting up a meeting is essential.


When you go to the meeting, bring any and all documentation about the accident along with plenty of questions!

During the meeting, it is important that you disclose all the facts of the case, no matter how unflattering they may be, in order to make sure your lawyer is prepared to defend your actions if necessary.

Also, it is important to fully trust the lawyer to work on your behalf and obtain the best possible settlement, which requires comfort and faith in their judgment and skill.

The lawyer’s reputation in the local legal community is another item of major importance.



Some lawyers have a reputation for being untrustworthy or difficult to negotiate with, and this makes getting a good settlement from the other attorney difficult.

Find a lawyer that has good relationships with other lawyers and judges in order to get the best settlement possible.

The local legal community of personal injury attorneys, paralegals, and judges are essentially all colleagues in the pursuit of personal injury settlements.


Personal relationships

You need a lawyer who has good personal relationships and works with these people on a daily basis, in order to have a good basis for negotiating settlements.

The largest law firm in the Bronx is not necessarily the best one for your case. Oftentimes at larger firms, attorneys are over-worked and are not as easily accessible to their clients – the personal touch is missing.

It is also important to note that most accident and injury cases are done on a contingency basis, this means that you do not pay anything up-front; the attorney only gets paid if you get paid.

Typically, the client gets 2/3rds of whatever is recovered and the attorney receives the remaining 1/3rd.

Finding an experienced attorney that has a proven track record in litigating accidents that is also trustworthy and thought of highly within the legal community is essential in recovering just compensation for your injury.