In the case of a serious injury or accident, obtaining legal counsel soon after the incident is critical. When someone is injured, it is highly uncommon for the responsible party or insurance company to voluntarily offer just compensation.


Everyday numerous people get injured in the Bronx; accidents, slips, falls, and all sorts of injures occur in parks, on roads to and from work, etc.

In most cases, the accident is due to some sort of negligence on the part of the responsible party. After you or a loved one has been injured, it is very important to seek out the help of an experienced Bronx attorney; this will increase the likelihood of receiving just legal compensation for your injuries.

It is your legal right to attain appropriate psychological and physical damages caused by the poor judgment or negligent behavior of another individual, company or agency.


Why You Should Hire An Experienced Bronx Injury Attorney:



  1. Experience In Dealing With Insurance Companies– Insurance companies are adept at doing whatever they can to get out of paying settlements to injured parties. An attorney that has experience successfully going against large insurance companies on behalf of their client is essential.
  2. Negotiating Expertise – Selecting an attorney who is an expert negotiating on your behalf is critical. After the research, depositions, and initial court proceedings have been taken care of, settlement conferences are an important next step to avoid a prolonged trial. An attorney that is a tough advocate for you is an important part of recovering just compensation for you or your loved one.
  3. An In-Depth Understanding of the Law– To practice law in New York State, you are required to possess a Juris Doctorate in addition to a passing grade on the New York State bar examination. In addition to this, some attorneys elect to go even further by obtaining a Master of Laws Degree or LLM, to further their legal education. It is imperative to select an attorney that satisfies all of the legal requirements to practice law within your state.
  4. Tough Advocate– An attorney that is passionate about helping people is also important. Hiring an attorney who believes in you and your case is a wise decision because that Attorney will be your advocate for the duration of the case—a process that sometimes takes years!



In summation, selecting the right attorney for your case is a multi-step process that will serve you well in the end. It is critical to chose an attorney with experience, negotiation skills, an in-depth understanding of the law, and passion for your case and situation – all of these traits will end up serving you well in your legal battle ahead.