Giordano Law Offices offers General Litigation serves in the areas of Entertainment Law, Transactional Law, Employment Law, and Real Estate Law. Please see below for each area.


Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law often overlap as we try to help our clients to evaluate the legal impact of their business decisions. We file and enforce copyright and trademark applications to protect our clients against infringement and increase consumer awareness of our client's brands and products.  Additionally, we draft and negotiate agreements to license intellectual property and form contracts in many different sectors to ensure positive outcomes for our entertainment clients.  We provide both transactional and litigation support in this practice area.

We have had a significant amount of clients in the following areas:

Music: The music industry has many different aspects that can make or break a clients goal.  We represent artists against the major record labels in disputes over contracts, ownership of copyrights, and matters of representation. Mr. Giordano is also a Principal Attorney for the World Nation Live Entertainment Group, representing the group in numerous copyright and entertainment-related cases. For a sampling of some of the entertainers have have been our clients, please see our Clients Page.

Fashion: Fashion Law involves the legal matters that are sensitive to the  vertical market of the apparel industry. Our clients include a cross-section from major designers, entrepreneurial representatives and start-up labels. For a sampling of our successes in the Fashion realm, please view our Significant Cases & Media Page.


With a long record of success in the area of employment law, we advise and represent clients on issues ranging from workplace discrimination to the resolution of executive compensation disputes.  We advise employees and employers alike on the full spectrum of issues that can arise under New York State and federal laws and regulations, or through negotiated agreements.  We are equally comfortable asserting your rights before an administrative agency, including the EEOC, as well as taking your claims to federal and state court.

The Giordano Law Offices PLLC is an advocate for employees, laborers, and freelancers.  In today’s volatile job market workers can turn to us for any pressing employment issue they need to resolve.

The Giordano Law Offices also advises and represents employers.  We will help you identify and manage potential litigation risks by working intimately with you and your human resources personnel.  We advise clients on a broad range of measures in to reduce a company's exposure to lawsuits and investigations as well as improving employee morale through proper structuring and education of employment and human resources issues.

The Giordano Law Offices will review employee handbooks, personnel policies and procedures, employment agreements and non-compete agreements. In addition, we advise clients on hiring, EEOC, discipline, employee vacation & breaks, compensation, accommodation for disabled terminations, investigations of sexual harassment and discrimination charges and application of FMLA leave policies.

This list gives you a scope of the type of Employment Matters we mostly conduct in our practice.  However, the Giordano Law Offices PLLC can help you solve any complicated matters concerning Employment.

Our law office services the following areas of Employment Law:

Age Discrimination
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Violations
Commission Disputes
Disability and Perceived Disability Discrimination
Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Claims
Employment Contracts
Employment Discrimination
Fair Labor Standards Act Wage (Minimum Wage & Overtime) Violations
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Claims
Hostile Work Environment
Improper Denial of Pension Benefits
Mediation & Arbitration
National Origin Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Proceedings before the EEOC
Race Discrimination
Reduction in Force (RIF), Mass Layoff, Site or Branch Closing
Religious Discrimination
Retaliation in the Workplace
Severance Agreements
Sex or Gender Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Whistleblower Claims
Workplace Torts such as Fraudulent Inducement and Defamation

Defending Workplace Discrimination Cases
Providing Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention Training
Hostile Work Environment Disputes
Equal Employment Opportunity Issues
Wrongful Termination Cases
Employment Contract Lawsuits
False claims/Whistleblower Cases
Employee Fraud/Embezzlement
Misappropriation of Funds
Restrictive Covenants/Non-competition Agreements
Theft of Trade Secret
Executive Compensation
Severance Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Hold-Harmless Agreements


Transactional practice areas include but not limited to the following:

Business formation
Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
Licensing agreements, including franchise documents
Buy/sell agreements and other business succession documents
Review, revision, and negotiation of contracts
Employment documents including independent contractor agreements
Joint venture agreements
Partnership, shareholder and LLC operating agreements
Requirement contracts and other supply agreements
Financing documents, including guarantees, promissory notes and security agreements
Indemnification agreements
Business negotiation
Purchase and sale of businesses



Real Property Laws in New York can be difficult to navigate and understand.  Giordano Law Offices PLLC represents both individual tenants, property owners, shareholders of cooperatives and condominium residents.  Our office performs both transactional services as well as litigation.  We represent various condominiums and cooperatives within the five boroughs of New York City as well.  We represent condominiums and cooperatives in contract negotiations, in enforcing house rules, initiating proceedings against defaulting property owners, and a great variety of other matters.  We also represent individual tenants and groups of tenants and shareholders in disputes with landlords, managing agents and boards of directors.  In addition, we have often represented clients in standard real property purchases and with landlord tenant issues.  Additionally, we draft and negotiate commercial leases and escrow agreements. Carmen Giordano, Esq. has an in-depth knowledge of Real Estate and Real Estate law and is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of New York.

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