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  •  Currently Pending Rikers Island Case: Giordano Law Offices is currently working on behalf of the Victor Woods family in this wrongful death tragedy at Rikers Island.

NY Daily News Wrongful Death Article

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Fired Rikers Correction Officer Charged With Lying About His Response To Inmate’s Death. Link to Article:

Rikers Guard Sipped Coffee While Inmate Died In Agony, Officials Say. Link to Article:

Rikers Correction Officer Ignored Inmate Victor Woods’ Fatal Seizure, DA Says. Link to Article:

DA: Rikers Correction Officer Ignored Inmate’s Fatal Seizure. Link to Article:

Wickenson DeMaitre, Rikers Island Correction Officer, Indicted In Death of Inmate Victor Woods. Link to Article:

Rikers Correction Officer Ignored Inmate’s Fatal Seizure. Link to Article:

What Killed Rikers Island Inmate Victor Woods? Too Many Questions But No Answers. Link to Article:

Family Sues After Construction Worker’s ‘Painful and Slow Death’ at Rikers. Link to Article:




  • Currently Pending Personal Injury Case: Mother Sues MTA After 8-Year-Old Gets Off Bus and is Hit By Car 

 A lawsuit against the MTA claims a B46 driver refused to let an 8-year-old boy off at Malcolm X Boulevard and Fulton Street, causing him to get him by a car after he was dropped off at an undesignated stop.

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8 Year-Old Hit By Car. Link to Article:–yr-old/article_6c319eb8-008d-11e5-a7f0-3becf5dbd598.html



  •  $2.5 Million Dollar jury verdict in Harris vs. American Transit in Bronx County, 2014. 

$2.5 Million Dollar Verdict for Car Accident

Client suffered rotator cuff injury with surgical repair. Giordano secured settlement in excess of $2.5 Million dollars in mid-2014.



  •  Currently Pending Civil Rights/False Arrest Case: Diabetic Brooklyn teen denied insulin after being falsely arrested on attempted murder charges: suit

Footlocker Shootig BK


Currently Pending Civil Rights/False arrest in Brooklyn, NY. Click on links below for news media coverage.




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Officers In Hot Water For Removing 14-Year-Old’s Insulin Pump During Questioning. Link To Article:

Lawsuit: Nypd Cops Removed 14yo Richard Gonzalez’s Insulin Pump To Force False Confession. Link to Article:

NYPD Falsely Accused Diabetic Teen of Murder and Stole His Insulin To Force Confession. Link To Article:

Diabetic Teen Allegedly Denied Insulin to Get ‘Confession’ for Attempted Murder. Link To Article:



  • JUSTICE PREVAILED: Giordano Law Offices obtains 7-figure settlement for family of Andy Henriquez:

Currently pending rikers island wrongful death lawsuit by giordano law offices

City To Pay Settlement in Rikers Island Teen Inmate’s Death. Link to Article:

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Diabetic man died at Rikers Island when he was denied medical treatment. Link to Article:

Lawsuit: Rikers Guards Ignored Dying Teen As His Heart Ruptured. Link to Article

Teen Died After Rikers Guards Ignored Screams: Suit. Link To Article:

Teen’s Death In Solitary Cell Shows Health Failures at Rikers: Suit. Link To Article:

Joven dominicano murió en la cárcel Rikers Island de NY pidiendo ayuda y añorando ver su madre. Link To Article:

Family Files Lawsuit After Teen Dies In Rikers Solitary. Link To Article:

New York inmate’s wrongful death lawsuit targets Corizon, Alabama’s inmate health care provider. Link To Article:



  •  Currently Pending Case: Autistic Teen Beaten by NYPD in front of his house on his front lawn: 

Civil Rights Pending Lawsuit: Our Client, An Autistic Teen Beaten By NYPD

Link to DNA Info Article:

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ABC News Article and Video of Interview: Bronx Family Suing NYPD After Officers Allegedly Beat Autistic Teenage Son

NY Daily News: Autistic Teen Beat Up By Cops In The Bronx: Suit:

NY Post: Cops Smashed Autistic Teen’s Head Into Sidewalk: Lawsuit:

The Daily Mail: Lawsuit claims NYPD cops smashed autistic teen’s head into sidewalk and punched him when he ‘failed to make eye contact’:

The Huffington Post: NYPD Officers Accused of Beating Teen With Autism Assumed He ‘Was Up To No Good’: Lawyer:

The Inquisitr: Troy Canales, Autistic Teen Had Head Slammed Into Pavement And Punched by NYPD As He Screamed For His Parents, Suit Claims:

 Bronx News Channel 12: BX Family Sues Police In Teen With Autism Beating:

ThinkProgress.Org: Autistic Teen Said He Was Punched In The Face and Slammed By Police:

Al Jazeera America: NYPD Officers punched, arrested autistic teen without case, suit alleges:

RT: NYPD officers slammed autistic teen’s head against concrete – lawsuit:

Al-Jazeera America Video: Lawsuit Over NYPD Officers Handling of Autistic Teenager:



  • 113G Settlement Won’t Keep Jake Off The Brooklyn Streets


Carmen Jack Giordano, Esq. secured a $113,000 settlement for Jake Greene, a homeless man, who was locked up on Rikers Island for a rape he did not commit.

 Link to Article:



  •  Bad Situation Made Worse

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.37.12 PM

Giordano and client, Loretta Cerbelli, whose mentally-ill son was shot and killed by the police, brought claims against the City Of New York.  The case called into question the procedures employed by the NYPD dealing with the mentally ill in crisis situations. Giordano received a favorable settlement for his client.



  •  Verdict of Almost $2 Million Dollars for Window “Accident”

In May 2005, Carmen Giordano, Esq. obtained a $1,966,000 verdict in a premises liability case for the victim of a window accident where the plaintiff suffered chronic inter-digit neuropathy.



  •  New York City Pays Seven Figure Settlement to Bicyclist

At the conclusion of a lengthy and fiercely fought trial, Giordano obtained a favorable settlement during jury deliberations for a bicyclist with two fractured vertebrae of $1,200,000.  Ells v. The City of New York (Queens Cnty)



  • 1/2 Million Settlement Obtained For Injured Laborer

In a Labor Law Case, Carmen Giordano, Esq. obtained a settlement for a client of  over $500,000 for an arm injury, which required release surgery.



  •   3/4 Million Settlement obtained for caterer who suffered a herniated disc when a folding chair broke apart and collapsed.

Carmen Giordano, Esq. obtained a $750,000 settlement during trial for a plaintiff who suffered a herniated disk following a fall from a folding chair.



  •  Settlement obtained for our client who was assaulted by bouncers at a NYC club:

Personal Injury Settlement for Man Beaten Up: Giordano Law Offices

Columbia Student Files Lawsuit Against Lace Gentleman’s Club After Bouncers Broke His Nose. Link to Article:


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Columbia Student Roughed Up At Strip Club, Lawsuit Says. Link to Article:




  •  Immigrantes Deuncian Otro Caso Abuso Policial


Giordano secured a 7 figure settlement for Russian immigrants beaten and arrested by police officers.




  • $1 Million Dollar Settlement for Victim of Police Assault

Million dollar settlement recovered by Carmen Giordano, Esq. for the victims of a police assault.



  • Vindication and Monetary Recovery for Another Falsely Accused & Arrested Individual

$160,000 settlement was obtained by Carmen Giordano, Esq. for a client who was falsely arrested and spent approximately a month in jail.



  •  Vindication and Monetary Recovery for off duty security guard arrested for assaulting an officer

Giordano provided criminal representation for the client charged with assaulting a police officer, tried the case in criminal court, obtained an acquittal, filed a federal civil rights suit and obtained approximately $150,000 for one night in jail, split lip, broken teeth and injured knee.



  •  Officer Shot By Another Given $1.5 Million

As a former A.C.C.,  Giordano handled some of the largest police abuse and shooting cases brought against NYC.

Link to Article:




  • Judge’s $700k Damages Ruling Sinks Humperdinck


Carmen Giordano, Esq. took over as trial counsel in a federal case brought in California and received an award of $700,000 for a defendant in copyright case, getting case dismissed and obtaining an award of costs and fees.

Link to Article:

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Rejection of Suit Music To His Ears. Link to Article:



  • Queen Latifah Sued in Pretty Nasty Cover Girl and Vanity Fair Beauty Flap Raps

Carmen Jack Giordano wins lawsuit against Queen Latifah

Giordano secured substantial settlements from Latifah for highly regarded stylists who were not paid for services rendered,  “While Latifah tried to dodge payment due to the lack of written contracts, we were ultimately able to succeed with quantum meruit claims in a bitter federal case.”



Link to Article:



  •  Oxes

Successful cease and desist and monetary award against Old Navy for the use of the band’s name on articles of clothing without permission.

Link to Article: Oxes



  • Burkina

Represented Defendant clothing manufacturer in Pennsylvania Federal Court in copyright infringement case and were able to get the case dismissed.



  • Over 1/2 Million Recovery for Negligent Construction & Property Damage

Giordano recovered over $600,000 dollars for a client whose Chelsea townhouse had been damaged by the negligent construction of the adjacent building.




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Carmen Jack Giordano New York Law Journal

Carmen Jack Giordano, Esq. article on Video Evidence published in The New York Law Journal in November 2015:


3. The Civil Rights Litigation And Attorney Fees Annual Handbook by Thomson Reuters Chapter entitled Video Evidence: Constitutional Concerns and Practical Considerations. Attorney Giordano authored chapter 6, available for purchase here:


4. The New York Law Journal

best evidence rule, attorney, nylj, new york law journal video evidence article 

Carmen Jack Giordano, Esq. article on Video Evidence published in The New York Law Journal on February 29, 2016:


5. The Brooklyn Eagle

brooklyn attorney, brooklyn eagle, video, evidence, law, law firm, lawyer

Carmen Jack Giordano, Esq. was featured in The Brooklyn Eagle for teaching a Continuing Legal Education course at The Brooklyn Bar Association on Video Evidence:

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